About company

ALBEQUIPMENT TRADING is the company involved in the supply of industrial equipment, spare parts, technical support and service. Boasts with an unbeatable combination of price level and supply conditions.

Using the experience and innovation, we provide better and more accessible service, striving to exceed your expectations.

The Company's activity is targeted to meet the needs and requirements of any consumer, improving the service quality and improving sales. In today's competitive market conditions, it is necessary to provide the consumer with a diverse range of products, high quality, skilled level of service and acceptable price level.

The main advantage is ours direct contracts with factories-manufacturers and major suppliers of industrial equipment.

Individual approach to each customer allows us to find the most effective schemes of cooperation.

Our aim is not to make one or two good deals, not taking into account the interests of our partners, but long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Due to our constant partners we have achieved today's success and continue to grow with our customers.

Main sales we make with industrial regions of Russia, such as the Volga-Urals and Siberia, as well as developing a communication center for sales in Russia.

Our company is an official sales representative of all listed European companies and is pleased to deliver to you the desired product quickly.

We offer services for start-and-adjustment operations and further maintenance. Feature of our company in the long experience of the largest start and maintenance of metallurgical equipment, as well as in our company is at the same time: the control installation, maintenance, risk assessment, preparation of application parts, their purchase and replacement. All work and assurances from the same company.